Educational Philosophy

Parents/Guardians & Students:

Below is a copy of my philosophy of education.  This philosophy of education describes my beliefs as a teacher and focuses on my goals in the classroom.  If you have any questions about my goals or beliefs, please do not hesitate to ask.


In my classroom, I incorporate lessons to cover basic information as well as the skills the students will need for critical thinking and analysis.  I have dedicated my life to teaching because I believe if an individual has a solid education, he or she can accomplish most anything and be successful.  Throughout my teaching experiences, I have seen the impact a teacher can have on a student's life when the teacher truly believes in that student.  As an educator, I want to have that positive life-changing impact on my students so they can succeed even what they find to be the impossible.

I believe that education can help a person learn the vital skills necessary to become a valuable member of society.  Amongst these vital skills are the skills to think critically, analytically, to be able to question the knowledge they receive and relate it to real-world situations.  Although I believe every teacher needs to teach the basics as foundation to expand upon, the ability to think critically and analytically can help an individual prosper and grow in any situation he or she may come into. As educators, we can teach our students how to read a poem or solve a math problem, but when they get out of school, it is the skills we have taught them that will get them through life successfully.  We need to teach students to think for themselves and question the knowledge they receive.  As an educator, one of my goals is to help my students learn how to think "outside the box" and to be creative and thoughtful throughout their education.  I believe that these are skills that help someone become independent and well-rounded.

I feel to successfully teach our students, we must be able to relate to them.  We so often forget as teachers what it was like to be a student in high school; that the pressures and drama of teenage life can and will effect our students' learning abilities.  We need to be leaders, followers, counselors, and other roles our students may need us to play to get them through something.  My classroom has an open door policy.  I believe in order for a classroom to be a successful learning environment, it has to be a safe place for students to be.  My classroom community is one where students can share their ideas, learn at their own pace, and offer their special talents and knowledge to enhance their learning environment.

My teaching style is a combination of lecture and student guided discussion and discovery.  I believe to be an effective teacher, you have to lead the students to a place where they are challenged and then help them overcome those challenges.  As a teacher, I do not want to be the center of the classroom; I believe the students should be.  As a result of all students learning at their own pace, I make accommodations as necessary.  As I am dual certified in English and Special Education, I know the importance of differentiated instruction and creating age-appropriate materials to help my students succeed.  A goal I have as a teacher is to provide many social opportunities for my students to work on positive communication skills.   I keep my classroom free of interruptions and negativity that can effect another student's education.

To conclude, my goals as a teacher are to guide students to become independent, critical thinkers who find education to be a challenging,  yet exciting experience, and learn to question information and to think for themselves.  Also, I will teach my students how to be creative and thoughtful throughout their education and their lives and provide social opportunities where my students will become positive communicators and advocates for themselves.  I believe with these skills, students can learn and grow and become a valuable member of society.