Curriculum/Subject Matter/Assessments

I know this is the section you are all trully interested in finding out about...your curriculum!  Using the curriculum for 12th grade English Language Arts, I have constructed a curriculum map, which you will see below, that outlines the subjects we will be covering, how I will be assessing you, skills you will acquire by completing each topic, and the essential questions you will be able to answer and analyze when you are done.

This is a tentative schedule as we are all human and there needs to be leniency when it comes to scheduling.  The other reason I have provided you with this curriculum map (parents/guardians) is so you can follow along with your child's education in the English classrooms and ask questions about what they are learning.



Essential Questions




September 8th – October 9th

The Grapes

Of Wrath

1. What is the importance of trusting one’s own instinct?

2. How did the Depression affect the urban poor, farmers, men, and women?

*Locating research information in the library and/or other sources.


*Asking Questions/ Researching


*Analyzing the relevance of literature.


*Analyze and synthesize information from different sources.



*Reading Checks


    ~Act out a scene

    ~Depression Scavenger     Hunt


*Multigenre Project



*Library Databases


*Any additional technology needed for individual multigenre projects

October 13th-

November 2nd

Defining Literacy in a Media World

1. Why do we use different types of media?

2. Do different types of media affect people in different ways?

3. Which types of media are more effective for different subjects or issues?



*Locating and using different multimedia sources.





*Short stories in media form.


*Propaganda Project



*Cell Phones









October 15th-

November 2nd

Independent Reading Book

1. Why do you choose the books you choose to read?

2. Do you read books in series? By specific authors? Why or why not?

*Independent study skills




*Questioning topics


*Analytical reflection

* Character Journal


*Creating a book jacket description for the story.

*Write a letter to the author of the book.


November 3rd-

December 16th

In Cold Blood

1. What peer pressure do you encounter outside of school?

2. What is money worth to you?

3. Is money worth killing for?

*Problem Solving


*Critical Analysis






*Speaking to the class

*Compare/Contrast paper on the book and movie.


*Research project on a topic in the book.


*In Cold Blood the movie.


*Library Databases


*Other media resources



December 17th-

January 20th



The Things They Carried



1. What do you carry on a daily basis? (Mentally, emotionally, physically)

2. Why do people tell stories?

3. How does perspective guide our understanding of truth?

*Discussions with peers: reading together and sharing your thoughts.






*Analyzing the relevance of literature

*Written Letters






*Scavenger Hunt




*Library Databases


*Audio Recorders

January 21st-

February 12th

Poetry Unit

*My Papa’s Waltz

*Esperaza Rising

*We Real Cool

1. What is the purpose of poetry?

2. In what forms do you see poetry used today other than JUST poems?

3. How do poems tell stories?

*Listening to the poems








*Interpret and analyze different media sources.

*Poetry Blog


*Creating original poetry


*Essay on one of the themes in one of the poems (abuse, starting over, Being cool 30 years later).


    ~Blog forum


*Audio versions of the poems


*Documentary films

*News Broadcasts


*Taped Interviews



February 22nd-

March 19th

“Taming of the Shrew”

1. What/whom would you be willing to change for?

2. Did Katherine really change or did her control just change?





*Compare/Contrast different topics


*Speaking to different audiences


*Act out a scene with a partner


*Reading checks



*Round table discussion about women’s roles and thoughts about how the women act in the play.

*10 Things I Hate About You DVD





March 22nd-

May 3rd  

A Thousand Splendid Suns

1. Evaluate the status of women in Afghanistan  compared to women in the U.S.

2. Would you honor a religion that discriminates against a certain group of people?





*Working as a group




*Decision Making skills

*Reading checks

     ~chapter quizzes


*Class discussion on what the events of the novel have to do with 9/11, Osama bin Laden, and Afghanistan.


*Group Project

*Recording of Jimmy Carter’s speech on Afghanistan




*LCD projector

May 4th-

June 8th

Research Paper

1. What drew your interest to your topic?










*Persuasive Research Paper


*Annotated note cards


*Annotated Bibliography

*Library Databases


*Any additional media resources needed.

June 9th-

June 11th

Review for the final

1. What are the key themes we covered this year?

2. Which piece of literature affected you the most this year? Why?




*Final Exam

*LCD projector