Classroom Expectations

Considering we will be spending quite a bit of time together this year, I want you to know that my room is a safe zone where you can feel free to come in when you need to to talk or just hang out and do work.  I have provided my list of expectations for you while you are in my classroom, however I hope you adhere to these expectations outside of the classroom as well.


  1. Give Respect to Get Respect: Simply put- if you respect me, I will respect you.  You are all young adults and I want to treat you like that. 
  2. No Cell Phones or other electronic devices: This is a school-wide rule.  Please turn them off and put them away.  If I see one, it will be mine.
  3. No Cheating: I have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to cheating.  Your ideas and information must be your own unless otherwise cited using correct MLA citation.
  4. Assignments: I will never give you "busy work" to do, so please complete all of the assignments which I will assign.  These are due on the date which I will provide and you must speak to me if you can not complete an assignment on time.
  5. Fairness isn't always "fair": Please keep in mind that we are all human and that makes us all different.  As the teacher, I will decide what a "fair" decision is if the time comes to do so.  This includes behavioral issues and academic.
You will notice that I have not listed a huge amount of rules.  I want us to have a relaxed and fun year where we can compromise in the classroom.  If we need to add more rules as we go, then we will.