District/Classroom Policy on Homework/Grading/Attendance

When it comes to policies on homework, grading, and attendance, I follow the district's rules. 


  • Homework will be handed in on time unless you have spoken to me and I have given you permission to hand it in late.
  • You are to do your OWN homework.  That means no copying or having someone do it for you.  I want to know what you are capable of.
  • I am always available after school for help unless I tell you otherwise.  If you are struggling, please come in and we will figure out the problem.
  • I will post daily and weekly agendas as the year gets progressing so you can keep track of your homework assignments (parents too!)
  • 5 points a day will be deducted for work handed in late.
  • Points will be broken up between the different topics we study throughout the year.  Please be aware that attendance and participation counts as 10% of your grade.


   Grading Scale


    A - 92-100

    B - 83-91
    C - 74-82
    D - 65-73
    F - Below 65




The compulsory education law is designed to require school attendance and ensure that no child is denied the opportunity to receive an education.

New York State compulsory education laws specify that each minor from six to 16 years of age, mentally and physically fit will be in regular attendance for the entire time schools are in session.

Early Dismissal: Students will have a note written and signed by a parent to leave school early.

Absences: If a student is late to school, they will need a signed note by a parent stating the reason for the tardiness.  If a student is absent from school, upon the next day arriving to school, they will have a signed note by a parent stating the reason for being absent.  If 3 tardiness or absences occur without a note, the student will be required to stay after school for detention.

*If you know you will be absent or if you are going on vacation, please let me know so we can keep you updated on your school work!