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Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies Homework:

12/1 Reading:  Guest Readers for Three Cups of Tea; Book Report Book for December-Science Fiction

12/1 Language:  Spelling- Confusing Words - definitions due Wed. and act out words with partners; editing paragraphs Monday and Tuesday -Terminal Velocity

12/1 Social Studies:  Geography Bee in class; Chap. 1 on Population - People Search with vocabulary in class and jigsaw reading in class with study guide.  Bring a glass jar without label by Dec. 15th. 

12/2 Reading:  Continue reading Science Fiction book for December book report.

12/2  Language:  Spelling - definitions due.  Act out word meanings in class in groups; edit Wednesday -Terminal Velocity; finish writing author page for book project.

12/2  Social Studies:  Complete jigsaw reading in class on population distribution and density.  Complete both sides of Sec. 1 Study Guide in class.  Homework:  Give 4 examples for population distribution.

12/3  Reading: