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1/14  Reading - Wrote 3 Winter poems in class for community project.  Completed rough drafts of Soldier letters for Valentine's Day in class.  Prepped for Protest Signs for Martin Luther King Day project.  Long Term - Biography Book Report due 1/26 

1/14 Language - Long term - Students should be working on 8 journals due 1/26

1/14 Social Studies - Working on 3 map project in groups to be completed in class on Tues. 

 1/26 Reading - Book Reports were due today.  Will be accepted through Friday.  Chose February book- Historical Fiction.  HW -Read at home.

1/26 Language - Journals were due today.  Will accept through Friday.  HW - re-title to cartoons using pronouns. 

1/26 Social Studies - Due today Central America worksht - Read p. 255-259.  Central America Map Sheets both side due tom.