Important Information

If you are looking for your class syllabus, please see the page for your class.


 Here are some hints to help you be successful in my class.

 1.  Have a binder to keep your notes and and assignments organized.  A one inch binder or bigger works best.  You willget chapter dividers to help keep your notes organized.  I suggest also having to spots for homework, one for completed work and one for work that needs to be done.

2.  Be in your seat ready to take notes by the time the late bell rings.  Ready means having something to write notes on and something to write with, as well as a calculator if I say you will need one that day.

 3.  Do all homework right away so that you can turn it in on time.  The more you fall behind, the more difficult it is to get caught up.

 4.  Make corrections on any homework and quizzes that are below a 75% (this will help you come test time by giving you more practice).

5.  As soon as you start getting confused, come in for help during tutorial or before or after school.  There are many math teachers willing to help you out but you have to ask for the help.

6.  Believe that you can succeed in the class, even if that means working very hard all of the time.