Algebra 1

Welcome to Algebra 1.  In this class you will learn how to solve equations and inequalities, deal with proportions and percents, work with functions (especially linear functions), solve systems of equations and inequalities, work with exponents and polynomials and learn about probability. This class will prepare you for other math classes as well as give you some basic skills that can be applied in real situations.  

We use the Holt Algebra 1 book for this class.  A book will be checked out to you and I suggest you bring it to class every day since you will have assignments from the book, as well as worksheets.  You can find extra help and information on the book's website.  Keeping an organized binder with your notes and homework will help you be successful in this class.  If you need help setting up your binder or want ideas on how to take good notes, I'll gladly help you out. 

Please remember to come in for tutorial any time you start to get confused or miss a day.  It is much easier to catch back up after a day than to continue to fall behind.  Math builds on itself so you don't want to fall behind.

You can find notes that you missed on my Gaggle site under Zoho Documents.  These notes are not available before the lesson but I will try to update them as often as possible.