Evidence - Element 5


During several of my initial lessons on practicum, I had to remove one of my students who had been recently diagnosed with Austism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from the class for expressing violent behaviour towards other students. By building a rapport with Mika, I was able to give him time out with me and avoid violent outbursts. I discovered that cleaning out the silkworm habitat acted as an effective time out for Mika, and had a calming effect on his naturally aggressive personality. Since a spike in aggressive behaviour was a regular occurence for Mika, this became his classroom job each day which I saved for when time out was needed.

The situation of my classroom (having other teachers present at all times) meant that 1:1 time out was possible another teacher would take over the class when necessary. This method would be more difficult to implement as a graduate teacher alone in the classroom.

Each student is different and requires different things from the teacher in order to manage their extreme behaviour. This is why it is important to find a way to break through the aggression when it escalates (whether it be removing them from the room, playing on the computer, drawing a picture, reading a social story, praising calm behaviour when displayed etc.) so that the other students in the class can rely on you to diffuse the situation in a safe and responsible manner.