English Language Arts (ELA)

Our ELA routine consists of a reading and writing block.


Reading: Our district uses the Wonders Reading Program, which is aligned to the Common Core Standards. Students receive group instruction and will then work in small groups, reading aloud and working on weekly comprehension and vocabulary strategies




Writing: Throughout the year students are introduced to different types of writing, including informational, opinion and narrative.  The Wonders program has writing a writing component inbedded within the program.  In addition to formal writing, students will eventually be using a daily journal during morning work.  In this journal students are able to choose what they would like to write about. Some students like to make daily entries and others like to write a continual story.  This is a wonderful oppportunity for students to use their creativity.


Students are encouraged to read for at least 20 minutes daily at home.  


Lexia- students will continue to use Lexia, throughout the week at school.  They are welcome to use Lexia at home for extra practice.  They may access Lexia, through their Clever account.