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Shanghai Wine Delivery - Fast and Quick at Doorsteps



Nowadays the wine market has increased greatly in Shanghai, it is said that it can very soon become the first wine market in the world.

Demand for Wine

Despite the recent economic turmoil the demand for wine in this market has grown remarkably in recent years. In less than a decade, the Asian country went from the tenth to the fifth position in the consumption of the beverage extracted from the grape and is expected to reach the top of the summit in the next few years.

We can not say the same of other alcoholic products as beer or traditional liqueurs, where growth is almost zero. On the opposite side is the wine, which keeps growing at rates close to 10% per year and the popularity and interest in it and the culture that surrounds it is increasing.

Shanghai wine delivery has been extraordinary in recent years, so it is said that it can leave behind countries like the United States or Germany. That is Shanghai wine delivery has captured the attention of a number of social strata and has become increasingly popular.

What does the numbers say?

According to statistics the popularity of wine is increasing and wineries around the world try to sell products in this country, especially in the areas of influence of big cities like Shanghai.

Entering the Chinese market has not been easy for the main producers of this alcoholic beverage since China produces more than 80% of the wine they consume and year after year has been increasing the surface of vineyards.

China has the second largest plantation in the world, only behind Spain, with more than one million hectares.

France has been able to take advantage and it has installed very well in China, because it controls 43% of the imports so that Shanghai wine delivery is increasing.

Countries such as Chile and Australia have also taken advantage of the fact that they are the second and third largest wine suppliers to China, which have signed trade agreements with Beijing, which establish a suspension of tariffs on the import of this beverage .

If we talk about Spanish wine we can say that the image of Spanish wine in China has improved over the years. More than a decade ago, it was perceived as a poor quality wine, but in the last few years this has changed radically in large part by the efforts of the wineries to position their products and invest in the market.

At present, Spanish wine is still not as popular as French or Italian, but enjoys a product image with a high value for money.

As far as preferences of the Chinese, they prefer the red wine to the white,which does not finish curdling. The reason probably lies in the fact that Asians accompany their meals with drinks at room temperature and white wine does not fit so well with this habit. More than three quarters of the sales are red wine.