Updates (week of 1/24)

***ANGEL webpage for this Bio 189 sections 003 and 004 is up and running.  There is only one labeled BIO189 -section 003 but it will encompass both of my sections.  Please login to ANGEL to download the lecture slides, if you have not done so already. Jan 24 (Monday) lecture as well as Jan 26 (Wednesday) lecture slides have been posted.  

The iwork link I set up for the powerpoint slides do not allow you to print mulitple pages to one sheet of paper.  I will work on this for you.  Please check this update page later tonight or tomorrow morning.  -Ms. Chae (1/25/11 -11AM)

Sara Ayasso, I got you on my roster now.  Nothing further for you to do.  Thanks for letting me know.  -Ms. Chae (1/25/11)