SS- Review notes

Math- Review for test

LA- Finish journal entries

Science- Foldable project due tomorrow

9/16 Challengers students and parents- I apologize for the lack of homework posts the last couple of days. The school computers' pop-up blockers would not allow us to access the page last week. It should be up and running again tomorrow! -Ms. Jenkins

LINK TO VIRTUAL DENSITY LAB: http://ippex.pppl.gov/interactive/DensityLab_modFP_final_2.swf


SS- 1st period: Eulogy, 2-5th periods: Summary

Math- 1,2,4th periods: Wks Probability / 5th period: Wks Standard Deviation

LA- None

Sci- Make-up work due tomorrow


SS- Cherokee creation questions

Math- 1,2,4th periods: Wks Translations / 5th period: Lebron James Data

LA- Journal Entry "Wrong Lunch Line"

Science- Make-up work due Wednesday


SS- Finish baseball trading cards

Math- No homework

LA- All makeup work is due Wednesday. 1st reading project will go home Wednesday, email Ms. G if you want an emailed copy

Science- No homework


SS- Work on Travel project due 9/17

Math- 1,2,4th periods: Order of operations wks, study for quiz / 5th- CFU 112 and 116, stuy for quiz

LA- None

Science- Study for quiz on matter and properties tomorrow


SS- Nacirema questions

Math- 1,2,4th periods- Wks Order of Operations / 5th period- Wks Box and Whisker

LA- None

Sci- Quiz Friday: matter and properties


SS- Review for quiz tomorrow, project due 17th

Math- 1,2,4th periods: Cube Roots Wks/ 5th period: Sara's grades pg. 107 #6a,b

Lang Arts- Bring in your favorite picture book tomorrow

Science- Properties of a rubber duck wks

**For the Matter Facebook Page project: You must have a COLORED profile picture, 5 friends, 4 likes, 1 status update from matter and then a post from Light and a post from Atom. The likes can be things that matter likes to do, for example, "Taking up space all over the place!"


SS: None

Math: None

Lang Arts: Due Tuesday- 1. Brainstorm, 2. Rough Draft #1, 3. Rough Draft #2, 4. Final Draft, 5. Picture

Science: Matter Facebook Page** due Tuesday - NOT  FOR 2ND PERIOD!



SS: Chapter 1-3 guided reading

Math: 1,2,4th periods- Rational numbers wks and study for quiz/ 5th period: weather wks and study for quiz

Lang Arts: None

Science: Finish matter frayer model


SS: Complete regions of NC worksheet

Math: 1,2,4th periods- Square rook worksheet/ 5th period- arm vs. foot

Lang Arts- Complete 2nd draft due Thursday

Science- None


SS: None

Math: 1,2, 4th periods- Wks exponents ; 5th period- Wks m/m/m/r

Lang Arts: Bring in a picture of yourself

Science: None


SS: Student info sheet, Get expecations letter signed, "Crazy face" activity

Math: None

Lang Arts: None

Science: Get parent to sign class syllabus