Reading Response Template

Reading Response Form(First Quarter)Teacher Example:Date:__________________________Book Title:____________________________________Pages Read:_________________  Response #:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________NOTE:  Responses must be at least one paragraph (three-five sentences) in length.  Responses must show high quality thinking and writing abilities (spelling, punctuation, complete sentences, etc.) J.


1.  Summarize what you have read.  Make sure to include all major      events and ideas presented in your reading.

2.  Explain a prediction you can make based on what you have read. Make sure to include evidence from the story that supports your prediction.

3.  Make a connection to what you have read.  This might be a personal connection or a connection to another story you have      read.  Explain why this connection helps you better understand the story.

4.  Compare and contrast a character or event from the story to another character or event from another story.  Make sure to include both similarities AND differences.

5.  Other charts or responses that have been introduced by the teacher.