Spelling Homework Guide

Spelling Homework Guide

Ø  Spelling homework is to be completed nightly.  Two assignments are due once a week, on Fridays.

Ø  You have one “must-do” activity each week.  Your other activity is to be chosen from the “may do selections list.

MUST-DO:(Do once a week)

·         Use each of your words in a good, complete sentence. Be sure to underline the spelling word.


(Choose 1 each week)

 ·         Rainbow Words (write the words in different colors)

·         ABC Order

·         Write words 5 times each

·         Create a word find and solve it

·         Create a crossword puzzle and solve it

·         Find words in a newspaper or magazine article

·         Create  word pictures

·         Create flash cards

·         Create “Ransom Words” (cut out words from magazines and paste on paper to form the word

·         Do activities on spellingcity.com

·         Stairstep/ Mountain Words (for example,  for the word cat you would write,         c          



* Write a definition for ten of your spelling words. Use the drfinition if needed.

More activities may be added as the year progresses.