Homework, Assessments, Grading and Attendance




Each student will be given a folder at the beginning of the year. When you open the folder you will notice that I have labeled the left side "Homework" and the right side "Notes and Reminders."

When your child is given an assignment to work on at home, they will be reminded to put it in the homework side of their take home folder. As I realize that children and families have hectic schedules outside of school, I always give two nights to complete a homework assignment.

My best advice is to look over the homework with your child the night they bring it home and if there is any confusion between either of you, have your child ask me about it the following day.  


Why do homework?  

Ø      Homework is a great tool for both reinforcing concepts and information taught in class as well as giving students an opportunity to think beyond the classroom lesson.


Ø      You can use homework as a means of communication between you and your child to discuss what they are learning about at school. Your child’s homework can also help you measure their academic progress throughout the year.


Ø      I will do my best to make assignments meaningful. Homework is not meant to be tedious and rushed through.


Helpful homework Tips! 

Ø      Decide with your child where he/she will complete their homework each night.

Ø Create a homework box including, but not limited to, a sharp pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, crayons, scissors, and glue stick.

Ø      Establish homework expectations.

Ø      Go over your child’s homework to make sure it is completed and neat.


In our classroom, assessments are used to determine how a student is retaining, processing, and applying the material taught in daily lesson plans. Unit plans are well thought out so that previous lessons continue to be incorporated into new lessons. Assessing students throughout the course of a unit helps me to determine how effective my lessons are and how I can better cater to each student’s individual academic achievement. 

Children do their best learning and demonstrate their academic progress in a multitude of ways. I will conduct informal assessments based on independent and group work as well as projects and learning games. At the end of each unit there will be a written assessment which will ask students to recall main ideas and concepts that were covered in class. 




I will grade the work of each student based on the following criteria:

ü     Completion

ü     Effort

ü     Neatness

ü     Creativity

When applicable, if a student answers a question incorrectly on an assignment, they will always be given a chance to and encouraged to make corrections. 


A large portion of first grade learning takes place here in the classroom. Students are constantly interacting with peers and the educational resources available in our classroom community to find meaning in each lesson. 


Your child's attendance at school is crucial to his/her educational development.

Please be prepared to have your  child at school by 8:45 for the first morning bell. 


If you know ahead of time that your child will be missing a day(s) of school, please let me know with a phone call, email, or note so that I can prepare work ahead of time.


If your child is sick or there is a family emergency, please contact the office or school nurse as soon as possible.


Office: 246-1357

School Nurse: 753-1642