My Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy


Children are constantly developing and discovering new things about themselves and the world around them. As the mind of a child is highly sensitive, the atmosphere of a classroom is incredibly influential for them.


The classroom atmosphere can greatly contribute to the educational experience of each student as it offers an opportunity for them to explore and develop as individual learners. In addition to our classroom lessons, students can learn and grow by sharing experiences, interests, and opinions with their peers.


In order for students to feel comfortable taking a chance sharing, questioning, and brainstorming with one another, the classroom atmosphere must give each student a sense of safety, acceptance, and respect. These feelings of security, acceptance, and respect can not occur unless students have become familiar with the individual personal qualities, strengths, and weaknesses of one another.


We will continue to work together as a class this year in order to create a learning community where we are aware of the uniqueness of our peers. As we work together to achieve this, we will continue to learn and grow in our first grade community!