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Meet the Teacher!

Meet the Teacher!

Ms. Charles 


As a youngster, I was an active, energetic, caring, and creative student. I carried these traits with me through college. I attended Siena College and graduated with a B.A. in English. During this time, I did some soul searching. I often wondered, “How can I put my most valued qualities to use in my community?” I began applying to some part-time jobs which gave descriptions of roles I could best see myself filling. Time and time again, I found myself working with the youth population! I am always baffled at what each unique, young mind has to offer in terms of their development, the development of their peers, as well as my own personal development!


Following my undergraduate degree, I decided to pursue a professional degree at Le Moyne College. At this institution, I worked towards obtaining my M.S.T. in Inclusive Childhood Education.  During my studies, I became filled with more ideas and information about the vast ways children learn and grow. I became eager to use my degree to implement my own creative teaching techniques in the classroom in order to help my students reach their full potential.


This school year it is my goal to introduce students to an array of thinking, problem-solving, and communication strategies as we explore the curriculum and world around us. We will achieve this together as we learn and grow in our classroom community!

Get 2 Months for $5!