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Objectives1.        explain the methods scientists  use to uncover early human  existence2.         describe the nature of human  life during the Old Stone Age;3.        identify the important developments of the New Stone  Age;4.        define civilization and identify the characteristics of a   civilization.     
Special Focus
  1. By 10,000 B.C., Homo sapiens sapiens  had spread throughout the world.
  2. Paleolithic peoples used technology.
  3.  Discuss the changes that occurred during the Neolithic Revolution that made the development of cities   possible.
  4. Identify the major economic, political, and social changes for early humans brought about by systematic agriculture.
Instruction1.        Lecture on prehistory, Paleolithic, Neolithic revolution, characteristics of a civilization2.        Video on early man3.        Atlas work on human migration    
Assessment1.        Atlas work     
Materials Used