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So the China Aluminum TSA Padlocks factory is locked when the safe and cabinet are shipped from the factory A plastic rod similar to a key is inserted in the hole to prevent the blade from turning freely. Please save this plastic rod, insert the plastic rod into the lock hole when moving or transporting the safe or cabinet, or use the safe or cabinet for a long time, which can prevent the free rotation of the blade and prevent foreign matter from entering the lock hole.

1. The operation is simple, similar to dialing of an old telephone plastic tsa padlock Manufacturers. For single-axis operation, enter the password for half a revolution, and unlock for a half revolution. The operation time is short.
2. The amount of passwords is large, there are more than 3.25 million sets of actual passwords, and they are all arranged passwords, which can be selected at will without restrictions.

The code can be destroyed automatically when unlocked, leaving no trace. The password cannot be tried.
4. The number of passwords can be set freely, simple and complex. Maximum 6 digit password.
5. Full mechanical structure, no power supply, can adapt to various harsh places.
6. Small size, almost the same as small brass key locks Manufacturers.