Language Arts Lesson plans


Materials needed:


Scarves, prepared words


Area: open area


Introduction: Practice juggling and spelling (with two scarves)!



This is like a juggling version of sparkle. Give each student one scarf and then have them divide up into pairs. They are going to practice their spelling by tossing the scarves back in forth while spelling words provided by the teacher. Each student will say one letter back and forth. For example if the word is ‘cat’ one student will say ‘c’ pass the scarf while catching another scarf. The other student while catching the scarf and passing the other scarf will say ‘a’ continuing the juggling. (6) (8)



1)      Add in another scarf if the students seem to have juggling three down.

2)      Have the students practice juggling by themselves.

3)      Have a tournament where the student that is able to keep the scarf in the air the longest wins.



Language Arts: 1:A, 1:B, 1:C, 3:A, 5:A, 16:B, 16:G

PE: 1:D,1:J, 2:B, 3:A, 6:A, 6:B, 7:A, 7:B, 7:C


Materials needed

Scarves, masking tape, index cards


Area: field or gym



There is a shortage of scarves to juggle! You have to compete with other jugglers to get your materials!



Using a list of at least thirty vocabulary words, the teacher divides the class into two teams and distributes index cards with the same vocabulary words to each team. Members of the teams wear the words on index cards taped to their clothes. The teams’ line up across the field from each other and a scarf) is placed in the middle of the field. When the teacher calls out a definition, opposing team members shout out the matching vocabulary word, run to the center of the field in an effort to grab the sweatshirt and run back to their team to score a point. If both team members call out the correct word, run to the center and grab the scarf at the same time, then team members must drop the scarf and return to their lines without scoring any points. If a team member is tagged while running with the scarf, no points are scored. After twenty minutes, the team with the most points wins. (6) (4)  Variations: 1)      teachers may assign two or more words to each team member or require team members to use the words correctly in a sentence and shout the sentences before running to the center to grab the scarf.2)      Don’t use index cards but give each student on opposing teams a matching color or number. The teacher calls out the number and the student with the matching numbers go to the middle and grab the scarf. The student who gets the scarf to the teacher first gets the first chance on saying what the word is to the definition.3)      Put multiple scarves in the middle and have the students get as many scarves as possible. The student with the most scarves gets their team points based on the number of scarves they have. They can get bonus points if they get the word right for the definition provided by the teacher.   


Language Arts: 1:A, 1:B, 1:C, 3:A, 5:A 8:A, 8:B, 8:C

PE: 1:A, 1:B, 1:C, 1:D, 1:E. 1:G, 2:B, 3:A, 6:A, 6:B, 7;A, 7:B, 7:C