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Social Studies Lesson Plans

Materials needed

Olympic torch (tin foil and red, orange and yellow streamers blown by a box fan) ((optional)),  flags made by students,  other materials based on games picked by the students


Area: Gym



The circus travels all over the world! It is very important that customs and traditions are understood in order to build rapport with audience.



Students will be divided into groups and be assigned different countries. This will take a couple of weeks. We will have a mock- Olympic competition. As each country is announced, the group will come in carrying their flags and wearing their country’s colors. Once all the students have entered they will each take turns presenting to the class different information concerning their country i.e. type of food that is typically eaten, games they play, what the native language is etc… After speeches, an Olympic Torch is brought in and "lights" a huge torch in the back made of tin foil and red, orange, and yellow streamers being blown by a box fan.  Each team will select a game to be played. Sign ups will be made prior to ceremony as to not have duplicates. (1) (7)  

1)      The students don’t sign up for games. The teacher sets up mini games such as running, leaping, throwing etc….  The team picks a different representative for each game. No child can play more than once unless the teams are not evenly divided.

2)      Have this be an all school Olympic competition. Each class represents a different country.

3)      Have different “Countries” set up throughout different classrooms. In each class there would be games set up that is popular in each country. Food and music is optional. This would be is an all school variation.



Social Studies: 4:B,12:A, 12:B, 15:B, 16:A, 16:B, 16:C, 16:D,

PE: 1:A, 1:B, 1:C, 1:D, 1:E. 1:G, 2:B, 3:A, 6:A, 6:B, 7;A, 7:B, 7:C


Materials needed:

Set of letter flash cards for each group A-Z, with double letters for each vowel and S, T, R, L, H, N,  2 cone markers for each group, 2 hula hoops for each group , balls


Area : gym



The train conductor lost his itinerary! He can’t remember how to spell any of the capitols and states! He needs your help!



Have students get into equal groups, each sitting around a hoop/cone at one end of the gym. Each group should have a complete set of letter cards and any equipment to be used. To begin, give the students a movement challenge; e.g., all jump rope ten times, volley a volleyball between members of your group four times, do a basketball chest pass to each member of your group three times. After giving them the movement challenge ask them to spell a specific state, capital, country, etc. On the "go" signal, students complete the movement task, then work together to determine how to spell the answer, pick up cards and run to the hoop at the opposite end and spell the word, and run back to their original starting position. Every group with the correct answer gets one point. (2) (7)  Variations: 1) Give such tasks as:  States with six letters in their names (Kansas, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon)  Capitals with six letters in their names (Denver, St. Paul, Pierre, Helena) States that begin with a vowel (Alabama, Ohio, Illinois)  Complete a sentence: The capital of Washington is? (Olympia) 

2. Have a relay race with the cards.

3. Each card has a movement challenge on it. The harder the question, the more challenging the movement and the more points the teams get.



Social Studies: 12:A, 12:B, 15:B, 16:A, 16:B, 16:C, 16:D,

PE: 1:A, 1:B, 1:C, 1:D, 1:E. 1:G, 2:B, 3:A, 6:A, 6:B, 7;A, 7:B, 7:C

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