Sight Words

 Here are some suggested activities to help your child learn these words. Have fun, take it slowly. (No need to learn all of them the first week!)  I will send home a list beginning in September.  When your child has mastered that list I will send home the next month's list.  This way each child can work at his or her own pace.  Thanks for helping your child become a reader!

·     Sight word concentration—Make two sets of flashcards. Choose 5 words and their mates and spread the cards out upside down. Try to match sets of words and read them. Gradually add more sets.

·      Shaving cream writing—Spread shaving cream on a smooth surface; use finger to write words in the shaving cream.

·      Magnetic letters/foam letters/Scrabble letters/Cereal letters—Use different types of materials to form the words.

·      Decorative writing—Use different types of markers to write the words in different ways.

·      Play-doh/other dough—Use dough to form letters and then make words.

·      Highlighter words—Use highlighters to highlight these words in newspapers, magazines, etc.

·      Word count chart—Make a chart to keep track of how often you find these words in nightly take-home books. Each time your child recognizes one of the words, let him/her make a tally mark on the word chart.

·      Word building—Make two sets of flashcards. Cut apart one set of words and leave the other set together. Look at the uncut words and try to build them using the cut letters.



September       October                 November           December

go                   look                     come                     all

at                        run                        down                        ran

me                      my                          said                         had

no                       by                           and                         get

is                        not                          with                        but

to                       did                          that                       into

it                        can                          play                        let

am                      you                          this                         an

in                        so                            jump                       his

as                       yes                          here                       under

up                       on                           there                      well



January          February                March            April

find                   do                  funny                he

the                      who                    from                   was

away                   now                      be                      him

see                      like                     where                 new

want                   what                    are                     came

big                      have                    she                     say

will                     our                      little                   saw

for                     please                 make                 pretty

we                       out                      eat                     ate

ride                     help                    good                  fly

must                    too                      went                 they

                           going                  soon                   



Color Words

orange   brown   blue   yellow   black   red   green   white   pink   purple


Number Words

zero    one   two   three   four   five   six   seven   eight   nine   ten