Caminos First Grade Website

Hello and Welcome to the Caminos first grade Website!

My name is Mrs. Henriquez.  I am the first grade English teacher in the Caminos two-way bilingual program at the Kelly School in Chelsea.  Nancy Uribe is the first grade Spanish teacher. Our students spend one week in English and one week in Spanish. The purpose of this website is to communicate with parents and highlight what students are learning in school.

Our classes are located in rooms 205 and 206 on the 2nd floor. Nancy and I plan together to keep the curriculum moving forward. We welcome parents to come and visit. We value your input. 

You can support your child's learning at home by doing 2 things: 

1) Read with your child in Spanish and/or English as much as possible. We will send home books with a book log. We encourage you to read other books too. 

2) Check the homework folder and make sure your child does his/her best to complete the homework. Any questions or problems with the homework please communicate with us.

Thank you for your support this year. Together we will help your child develop a solid foundation for future learning. 


Mrs. Henriquez


If you have any questions please email me or Nancy.