Ancient History

 Ancient History

This course covers World History from the dawn of civilization up through the rise of the Roman Republic. An analysis of man's political, economic, social, spiritual, and intellectual development through the centuries will provide a foundation for critical understanding and appreciation of the inherent
values of both western and eastern civilizations and their impact upon the modern world.


Current Unit: Unit 1 - Prehistory

Unit Summary:
This sub-unit is an introduction to the course.  Administrative policy and classroom expectations are explained.  Students are introduced to recurring assignments and the course web-site. The beginnings of history in general will be introduced, with a focus on the agricultural revolution and the development of civilizations.

Journal Questions:
You are responsible for answering each of the questions below on the day of the unit test (or unit quiz). You are expected to provide a one paragraph response to each question. 

1. What have scholars learned about the ancestors of humans? How have they done so?
2. Why was the introduction of agriculture an important point in history? Explain.
3. How did the world’s first civilizations arise and develop?

Unit Assignments:
Choose ONE of the following assignments, and complete it by the date listed on your schedule.

1.    Read the biography of Donald Johanson, and in approximately 2-3 paragraphs answer questions 1-3.

2.    Create your own cave drawing on a blank sheet of paper (computer paper please). Include:
a.    Some major topic or event (a hunt, a religious ceremony, a battle, etc)
b.    Style – make sure your drawing is in the style of the ancient cave paintings
c.    A brief description(one paragraph) explaining your drawing on the back of the paper

3.    Read “Ice Age Art in an Underwater Cave” and in approximately 2-3 paragraphs answer questions 1-3.

Unit Schedule:

Please note that this is essentially a mini-unit. What we cover here will set the foundation for the rest of the course. This schedule is much shorter than any other unit you will see.







Day 1

Introduction, Prehistory

Intro Discussion Why History

Read Chapter 1, Section 1

Reading Review & Vocabulary


Day 2

The Neolithic Revolution

PPT & Discussion, Cave Paintings

Read: Chapter 1, Section 2

Reading Review & Vocabulary


Day 3

Elements of a Civilization

PPT& Discussion, Chart Activity

Read: Chapter 1, Section 3

Reading Review & Vocabulary

Unit Assignment 1


Day 4

Unit 1 Quiz, Being Unit 2

Chapter 1 Quiz


Unit Journals