General Classroom Information

Grading Scale                                100-90 A           89-80 B         79-70 C           69-60 D         59-0 F

  Behavior Plan

Class Rules

1.      Listen carefully      2. Follow directions    3.Work quietly, do not disturb others            4. Show self control, work well with others           5. Respect others, be kind with words and actions                        6. Complete class work and homework on time            Every student is expected to be respectful and courteous towards each other.  They are also expected to be respectful towards the teacher.  They are also expected to follow the classroom rules.  When rules are broken there are consequences:I use a card system.  Green-Great Behavior   Blue-Warning   Yellow-Lose 5 minutes out of group recess     Red-Lose 10 minutes out of group recess   Purple-Note/Call home ½ or more of group recess missed

However, if a child has a turned card or two, they are given the chance to get their cards turned back one or even back to green.  After all everyone has a bad morning or afternoon once in a while. So, if they correct their behavior I will turn back the card.I have always had a policy of fairness in the classroom.  All of the rules and consequences apply to every child.  This will allow each child to feel like they are being treated fairly, so there won’t be any hurt feelings. 

Bathroom Policy

I have a very simple bathroom policy.  The students have total freedom to use the bathroom during independent work (all day), centers (in morning).  The only times I limit bathroom use is when I am teaching a lesson or student is at teacher table (small group reading or math)(20 min)or we are at carpet for calendar math or daily oral reading(20 minutes).  If a student needs to use the bathroom in an emergency during a lesson or group, he/she should raise their hand showing me the sign language sign for bathroom. (I will teach this to all students). This will limit interruption to the lesson.  I will look at them and either shake my head yes or no.  The only time I will say no is if I am teaching an important concept. At all other times throughout the day,  students can just get up without permission and use the bathroom.  As always they can use the bathroom during recess.


If your child is not going to be at school please call either office or me.  If possible send in a note.  All absences are unexcused until either a phone call or a note is received by the office or the teacher.   

Ms. Campbell