Eight Important Parameters Used When Building a Strong Child Custody Case<br>

When a marriage is dissolved, it should not damage the individual parent's relationship with their kids whether they are made the primary guardian or not. Child guardianship cases are very sensitive and most parents tend to compromise when it comes to division of assets or parental support; they however become protective in legal issues touching on their kids.

By hiring a competent child custody attorney Sydney, you are assured of adequate representation in whichever forum you decide to settle your issues through. Now, your preferred attorney will weigh your options of winning a case using the following parameters:

• The preference of the child: This option works best if the children are mature enough to make a decision on their own. In cases where the child is too young, the emotional bond established between the parent and the child is usually evaluated. If one parent was fully in charge of the child before the dispute, such a child would be better left in their care.

• Mental and physical health of the parents: There are health complications that can put into question the parenting ability of a parent. It is the responsibility of the child custody lawyer Sydney to prove that their clients’ health status will not risk the safety of the kids.

• The financial stability of each parent: Parents are required to provide a full financial disclosure so that the capability to cater for the children's present and future needs can be evaluated. Apart from the financial statements, the child custody advocate needs to provide sufficient evidence that the home environment is stable for the kids.

• The lifestyle of each parent: Children need to grow in a comfortable and friendly environment and the individual parent's lifestyle should not interfere with this privilege. If details emerge that the child has suffered any form of abuse under the care of a parent, it may be hard to acquire full guardianship.

• In order to achieve favorable outcomes in child related disputes, you need to hire a child custody legist Sydney who possesses relevant legal knowledge and experience. An advocate who has specialized in this field is your best option because he will help you achieve the following.

• Amicable dispute resolution: There are many options that parents can explore ranging from out of court settlements to the litigation process. With a good child custody counselor Sydney, you have higher chances saving time and money that would be spent in court.

• Negotiate for sole or joint custody: Once allocated sole guardianship, the parent becomes the sole decision maker on crucial aspects of the child. However, the other parent may be granted visitation rights. For joint custody, each parent acquires significant periods of time with the child.

Best interests of the child are considered: In any child guardianship case, it is the aim of the parents and attorneys to reach a solution that favors the child.


Child guardianship cases are very complicated and require the expertise of an experienced child custody lawyer Sydney who understands the legal framework and procedures necessary in achieving the best outcome for the children and their parents.