Shipping from China to USA


Without a doubt, the import and export business is increasingly attracting more investment across the board. Advancements in technology, improved communication, and E-commerce’s lucrative promises are attracting more US players to this trading industry. What’s even exciting to most import and export traders is the potential profits from deals with Chinese manufacturers. However, China and the US are situated on different parts of the globe, and traders have no choice but to find a means of shipping products from the Asian continent to the US.  Needless to say, every trader will naturally look for the fastest and the most affordable means to get their products to their destination. Shipping from China to USA has a lot of intricacies, that’s why many traders prefer using freight forwarding companies.

There are a number of possible options for traders shipping from China to USA, also Shipping from China to Amazon FBA, both  based on urgency, speed, and preferences of shippers. Once importers provide their requirements, freight forwarders commence the shipping process.

There are a lot of options that traders have when they’re shipping from China to USA. It is just a matter of considering the urgency, cost, and preferences. Once the preferences are set, the freight forwarder sets the shipping process into motion. The most important considerations for any trader include;

Delivery times

Generally, shipping through the air takes the shortest time, while sea shipping takes the longest time. On average, it takes around 13-25 days to ship via sea from China to the USA. On the other hand, air transport takes 2-5 days depending on the airline chosen.

Saving time when shipping from China to USA

It’s a normal problem for importers to lose valuable time due to shipping delays. While this can be quite frustrating, there are simple ways of curbing this problem.

Here are a few ways of improving your shipping times;

a.       Keep track of public holidays in China

China has so many festivals, and you can’t possibly find a company that will meet your shipping needs during these seasons. When shipping from China to USA and Shipping from China to FBA it is imperative to plan ahead with your suppliers. Most businesses close for the holidays while congestion at the ports also coincide with such seasons as traders rush to get their goods out before holidays start.

b.      Choose an experienced freight forwarder

There are many advantages that come with working with an experienced freight forwarder. Shipping from China to Amazon involves different carriers and a solid understanding of both countries’ laws. Experienced forwarders such as China Freight are well aware of international shipping laws; hence they’ll take shorter times processing paperwork ultimately reducing delivery time.

c.       Complete clearance paperwork accurately

If you have been involved in the import/export business, you probably know how time delays can eat up your money. There’s no bigger cause of time delay than a shipment stopped in the process of clearance. Be sure to fill out your paperwork accurately to avoid such costly hitches.

Shipping cost



When running a small business, you have to find a way of keeping prices at a point where customers can pay for them while your company turns a profit. Therefore, unexpected expenses such as high shipping cost can drive your company out of business. To ensure that you keep shipping-related expenses tamed, here are a few things you can do;

a.    Ship Full Container Loads (FCL)

This is particularly preferred when shipping via sea. If your goods are less than full load (LCL), they will generally end up costing more per unit item. FCL also minimizes the chances of goods getting damaged and alleviates delays associated with shipping with other vendors

b.   Plan your shipment well

Timing shipment is indispensable for successful shipping. As aforementioned, there are a number of holidays in China. As a result, it is important to ship goods before the costs start rising due to a shortage of workers. You can also ship your goods ahead of time to enable you to take advantage of the sea option which is significantly cheaper than other means.

c.    Ship 40 ft containers rather than 20 ft

Shipping FCL in a 40 ft container will drive your costs per item down. However, if the 40ft container is much larger for you, you can always use a smaller container

Certainly, there are many other factors involved in shipping from China to USA, most of which can make or break a business. Nevertheless, the factors discussed above will steer you away from potential shipping hurdles.