How to send products to Amazon FBA

After purchasing in China? For new sellers, there are many issues with Shipping from China to Amazon FBA, such as how to ship from China to an Amazon warehouse. What is the shipping method from China to Amazon FBA? The cheapest delivery method? How can I clear customs duties and duties after the goods arrive?

As a new Amazon seller, if you don't know shipping, customs clearance, and customs duties, you are not a certified Amazon seller. If you need to do preparatory work, you can get the benefit of selling prices. Therefore, you can get more profit.

This article explains how to do Shipping from China to US.

Shipping method to Amazon FBA

There are four main ways to deliver goods from China to Amazon FBA warehouse. These are as follows:

  • Express transport
  • Marine transport
  • Air transport
  • Rail transport

Each mean of transportation and transportation costs are different. You can select a shipping method based on the weight of the product. If the weight of the goods is between 21 kg and 100 kg, choose air transport. If the product weighs more than 100 kg, choosing shipping by sea or train saves a lot of shipping costs.


In order to make the right decision, each mode of transportation is described in detail below.

Express transport

1.) Advantages and disadvantages of Express

Advantage: Usually it only takes 2-4 business days. High speed is especially to the US and European countries. You can actually check the status of the product.

Disadvantages: Expensive and increases sales costs. The dimension weight is calculated by 5000 (if the dimension weight is large, it is loaded by the dimension weight). There are also many limitations on products such as liquids, batteries and powder products.

If your product weighs less than 21 kg, you can only choose express to Amazon FBA. For air, sea and rail transport, a minimum weight of 21 kg or more is required.

2.) How to choose the right express

Choose from many express companies and ship products from around the world to Amazon FBA from China. The issues to consider are customs and tariff issues.

The EU imposes tariffs on very low value products. For example, if you send to the UK, tax will be applied if the value exceeds £ 15. In the case of EU countries, the value of goods exceeds 20 euros, so you have to pay customs duties.

Let's talk about three international express companies:  If the product is sent to the United States, we recommend using best and reasonable service. This is because both companies are more effective at US customs clearance. It is recommended to use shipping service when products are shipped to Europe. This is because best shipping service is easier to clean in Europe. Ultimately, freight is cheaper than any other service providers, so most customers choose best service to ship to the world. You can easily ship the product to the United States with best service. Well, customs clearance and transportation time are very fast.