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How to make your first shipment on Amazon FBA:

Making the most of Amazon FBA should be a priority for every seller who is taking their initial steps in the business. For that reason, knowing what the aspects that are needed to make the first shipment is necessary and thus avoids any inconvenience. Remember that the prestige and identity of your brand in electronic commerce are built from the moment the decision is made to undertake in this area.  Amazon Logistics is a very useful tool to increase your income through internet sales.

The first thing you should do is go to the Seller Central of the Amazon account and choose the product we need to send. This is done by displaying the option that appears on the right side of the article, all this within the inventory section. There we must select the number of items that we will send and in the same way, in how many boxes will be divided, or if on the contrary, it will be in one. Amazon's system is very clear and descriptive in that regard, so you just have to carefully read each of the fields and complete them as needed. Once you enter the customer information, complete the process by selecting “Place Your Order”.


Previous step: from China to Amazon FBA

To send the products you buy from China, where Alibaba is the number one platform to get good quality manufacturers, it is necessary to perform certain actions. Amazon FBA is an automatic service that takes care of the entire process once the items are in the warehouse, but getting them there requires that you inform yourself in the best way. Certain companies can be hired to function as a link between China and the United States, remember that the number of manufacturers in the Asian territory is immense and you should carefully inspect which one is the most convenient. In this blog, the complete article is dedicated to a series of recommendations to carry out this whole process.

Take care of your products for the first shipment in Amazon FBA

The quality of the product that you sell in is an aspect that you must take care of if you want to have real success in the world of e-commerce. Remember that you will create a reputation as time goes by and you specify more conversions. Customer service, feedback, and differentiation with the artifacts you have available will make a difference with the competition.

How much is the shipping cost from China to Amazon FBA

How do you know how much is the shipping cost from China for your products? How to sell on Shipping from China to Amazon FBA? In the process of how to sell on Amazon, there are several steps that you must follow to ensure that the product you chose will be profitable and you will have utility when selling it. One of the costs that are usually not well estimated is shipping costs. Shipping costs are determined according to the number of shipments that are made per month, so the safest thing is that the provider has an established account with shipping companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. and they have a lot of fees more favorable and economical than you can have, if you are starting as a seller on Amazon.