Transferring of goods all around the world!

If talking about a shipping agency then it can be a company or person which organizes consignment for a corporation or for individual to provide goods from a manufacturer to the market or at the point of delivery. They contract with a transporter to transfer the goods. The work of forwarder is not to transfer goods but doing work just like an expert in the logistic network. It can be reserved for shipping providers, together with airplanes, trucks, ships and railroads. There are different types of shipping agency according to their requirements like Sea freight forwarding, Freight forwarding by air and land.


Globally shipping agency Shipping from China to Amazon FBA often charge control for transfer the documents to other company of transportation at destination. This charge is a portion of ocean freight fee that is salaried by the importer at the seaport of discharge in the international commercial team, free on board and by an exporter at the source in the international commercial term CIF and CFR. This charge is separated by documentation cost charged by NVOCCs and by carriers as a part of the cargo charges on landing bill and also separate from another fee for preparation of documents or release. Various companies call these fees as an administration fee, transferring documents fee or document fee.

Packing in freight forwarding

The exporter must be aware of the difficulties that international transport puts in good packaging. Generally in Shipping from China to US requires a smaller amount of heavy packaging than ocean consignments by which they should be protected mainly they. They should must aware of four potential difficulties when designing the export transport which are

  • Moisture
  • Pilferage
  • Breakage
  • Excess weight

Usually, containers are used to carry cargo, but occasionally it is also transported as break-bulk cargo.  For the period of the voyage, things may be loaded on the top and come in the violent contact with another thing. Moisture is a continuous worry because it may develop in ship even ship is equipped with the dehumidifier or with air conditioner. Buyers are familiar with the system of the port, so they specify their requirements of packaging. And if they do not specify it then be sure that the goods are organized according to the guidelines.

  • Use strong containers in packaging which are adequately filled and sealed when possible. If service provider will use low quality product for packaging then there is a risk of product damage.
  • Always make sure about the weight is distributed evenly all over. It will save you from unnecessary hassle.
  • Packing filler and packaging must be made of material which is moisture resistant. It is really important for the security of your products that you are shipping.
  • Observe of specific packing requirements of the product.

The transportation charges are determined by its weight and volume especially protected and lightweight packing established for exporting. Good packaging minimizes the weight and volume and also save money.