About Me

As a Professional China Plastic Netting Manufacturers and Gutter Guards Suppliers,The company produces wide range of plastic net items: Safety fence, Anti-bird net,
Plant support net, Gutter mesh, Deer fence, Insect screen,Multipurpose netting, plant support netting,BOP netting, filtration netting and so on, selling as OEM style. 

Construction & Safety

Naite Plastics provides various of fence solutions for construction-site safety, snow management, public-event crowd control,building safety net. Normally as safety fence , warning barrier

Home & Garden DIY

Naite Plastics supplies a wide range of garden netting solution for your garden and your pets, like garden fence , garden netting , trellis netting,insect screen, deer fence ,pond

Agriculture & Aquaculture

For your farms, NAITE supplies Farm fence which can be used as the boarder fence or animal protection, the tree and crop protective neeting for your vegetables, plants , vineyard.