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The working principle of the China stone cutting machine Manufacturers is that the motor drives the cutting blade and works by manually controlling the cutting speed.
Marble cutting machine operating procedures:
1. The inspection before the marble cutting machine should meet the following requirements:
(1) The casing and handle do not show cracks or breakage;
(2) The cable cord and plug are intact, the switch operates normally, and the protection connection is correct and reliable;
(3) The protective covers of marble cutting machine Manufacturers all parts are complete and reliable, and the electrical protection devices are reliable.
2. After the marble cutting machine is started, it should be operated at no load. It should be checked and confirmed that the linkage of the machine is flexible. When working, the afterburner should be stable and should not be used too hard.
(1) Prevent miscellaneous materials and mud dust from entering the motor during operation, and observe the temperature of the casing at any time. When the temperature of the casing is too high and the carbon brush spark is generated, stop the inspection immediately;
(2) The force should be even and appropriate during the cutting process, and the China stone profiling machine Manufacturers blade should not be used too hard. When the blade is stuck, stop immediately and slowly withdraw the blade. It should be re-cut after realigning.