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New stone cutter Manufacturers cutting machine safety operation procedures:
1. Do not operate the cutting machine without mastering the operation skills through training. To operate with permission from the custodian, and to have someone to guide and supervise.
2. Labor insurance should be fully worn before work, cuffs and plackets should be tight. Safety glasses must be worn to prevent eye damage from eye damage.
3. Check that all mechanical parts (such as saw blades, countertops, screws, chains, motors, switch buttons,fiber laser cutting machine Manufacturers, etc.) are normal before working. If problems are found, they should be reported to the repair team for repairs.
4. Saw blades with cracks, unevenness, missing teeth and blunt teeth cannot be used. When replacing the saw blade, the power must be cut off. The saw blade should be installed firmly and perpendicular to the center line of the shaft. There must be no jumping when running.
5. Check that the protective baffle is complete and effective and must not be arbitrarily removed. Active protective barriers must not be moved at will.
6. After running the machine, run the machine idling for 2-3 minutes to check whether the operation of the saw blade is normal. Whether it is a test machine or a normal use, the blade is not allowed to straighten to the saw blade when the saw blade is running. At the same time, the test China stone machinery Manufacturers observes whether the supply of cooling water is normal.