Educational Links

Educational Links


This is the website of the Suncoast Waldorf School 
located in Palm Harbor, Fla.


This is a new comprehensive, web-based guide to Waldorf Education 
that offers news from and about North America's Waldorf 
community, essays and articles, and research.


This site provides information regarding the philosophy and 
practice of Waldorf Education. It is facilitated by Robert Mays 
and Sune Nordwall, experienced Waldorf teachers and 


The Association for a Healing Education: Waldorf Remedial Teacher 
Preparation Programs, Consulting Services, Publications and AHE 




Waldorf Education: Waldorf employment opportunities.  This is a 
Waldorf resource site launched over two years ago.


Movement Resources: This is a new website that supports and 
promotes healthy play and movement development for children. 
*****Five Stars!


Vision Therapy: This is an excellent resource site for 
information on vision therapy.


Extra Lesson: Resource information on the Extra Lesson 
Association (Australia and United States)


Excellent resource information relevant to Waldorf Education.


Non-profit institute for the understanding of differences in 
learning.(Based on the work of Dr.Mel Levine)


This site was formerly and is a parent 
resource for schools and educational settings as well as for 
children and adults with learning challenges.


This is a very interesting and compelling presentation on 
changing educational paradigms given by Sir Ken Robinson.


HANDLE is an approach to neurodevelopmental irregularities that 
is simple, non-invasive, empowering, non-drug. It is an approach 
designed to enhance neurological systems that are causing 
learning or life difficulties.


Jocelyn Arseneau is an educational support teacher based in QC 
Canada. This is a her website elaborating her work in Educational 
Support and Child Development Programs.


Professional Development Programs: on-line store carries products 
that support sensory integrative therapies.


Waldorf resources that provide information on a wide range of 
Waldorf school and community topics.


Sensory Resources: an excellent resource for raising children 
with sensory motor,developmental and socio-emotional challenges.


This is an educational support site developed by Jocelyn 
Arseneau, an educational support teacher and consultant based in 
QC Canada. Her website includes information on her services and 
child development programs.


This web site is dedicated to helping teachers and administrators 
interested in multiage education find and gather relevant 
resources. Included are materials and techniques that teachers 
have collected, created, modified, and/or refined. In addition 
there are numerous links to other places on the web that are 
especially helpful to multiage educators.


Based on the best selling Positive Discipline books by Dr. Jane 
Nelsen, Positive Discipline employs non-punitive methods for 
teaching valuable social and life skills in a manner that is 
respectful and encouraging for both children and adults (parents, 
teachers, childcare providers, youth workers, and others).




"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb