Two ways to earn extra money with affiliate marketing

1- Offer something for free and get paid for a potential customer.

Affiliate marketing directories, such as Logical Media and Max Bounty, offer a suite of programs that allow you to make money by generating leads. You won't believe how easy it is to make a few dollars with just one email address. Some of the advertisers in these directories will offer you up to $ 10 to lead them to potential customers for a contest or program.

If a visitor navigates through your referral link and is interested, then when the visitor fills out a form with their email address, they are paid. It's that easy.

Basically, you can set up a domain redirect to your affiliate link, overnight freedom ultra edition bonus place an ad on a free online classifieds service, advertise for a free service, and earn cash.

2- Obtaining permission to edit electronic books.

With Nitro PDF, you can edit the links within existing eBooks and change them to your own affiliate links. You can then distribute the e-book on the most popular P2P networks or even sell the books on eBay.

You must have permission to do so, and the service provided by More Niche provides Affiliates with existing books for every product available for editing, as well as courses on how to edit and distribute them to increase profits.

The above two methods of earning additional profit from my personally affiliated programs have earned me a few thousand dollars in a short period of time so they are worth looking into, as you can also benefit from these methods.