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Spinal Discs are cartilage pads that are situated between the bones of the spine called vertebrae. The outer shell of the disc is composed of layers of tough, fibrous tissue. A soft, jelly-like substance is contained within the center of the disc. The disc has often been compared with that of a jelly doughnut with its hard outer shell and jelly center. Read today about Chiropractic Denver.

Each disc performances as a shock absorber for the spine. Healthy discs are thick and flexible (like a wet sponge) which allows for a wide range of bending and twisting motions. Degenerative discs are stiff and hard (like a dry sponge).

Importance of Spinal Joint Health

All joints and spinal discs of the body rely on proper joint motion to receive their nutrients and expel waste products. In other words: there is no direct blood supply feeding either the joints or the discs. Therefore, our joints and spinal discs are 100% dependent upon regular, complete motion to receive their oxygen and nutrients. A hard or dysfunctional joint will lead to reduced oxygen and nutrients and, eventually, joint and disc degeneration.

Spinal trauma, repetitive motion (as with certain sports like golf) or uncorrected joint dysfunction can cause discs to bulge, herniated or rupture. Each of these conditions can pinch spinal nerves causing severe pain and disability.

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Chiropractic Adjustments are an effective means of restoring proper motion and position to the spinal joints. Therefore, adjustments are recommended to re-establish proper joint and disc circulation.

Denver Chiropractic Center– Chiropractic Offices patients have avoided surgery or a dependency on medication by choosing safe, non-invasive chiropractic care. Chiropractic’s success has been documented in numerous research studies and has helped many patients avoid risky surgery. In fact, studies have shown that surgery is necessary in less than 1% of cases.

Of course, if your case is beyond the help of chiropractic care, Your Irvine Chiropractor will direct you to an expert that is better suited for your particular health needs.Call Dr. Glenn Hyman- Chiropractic Offices today at 303-300-0424 to start experiencing the amazing benefits of Chiropractic Care. 

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