Castle Heights Middle School Sixth Grade Science

Sixth Grade Science
Montgomery - Patterson - English

 Monday - Wednesday:  05/07-09/2018
SC-PASS Review Sessions


Thursday - Last Day of School:  05/10-31/2018
Various Unit Culminating In Class Projects


 Students in 6th grade science are expected to: 

  • Respectively listen to and follow any and all directions given by YOUR teacher.
  • Actively participate in YOUR science class every day.
  • Use YOUR time wisely to complete all work assigned to you and turn in YOUR work in a timely manner. 
  • Carefully maintain YOUR science notebook of work completed for science class.
    ***Check with your teacher BEFORE you throw away any science notes or work.
  • Be aware of YOUR grades and YOUR class average at all times.
    ***Make up missing assignments!
    ***RETAKE quizzes and tests if you do not score well!
  • Be on time and prepared for class each day with their
    • CHARGED laptop (students may not charge laptops at school unless they have their own charger with them)
    • Science Notebook (with PAPER), 
    • PENCIL(s) and Cololring Pencils or Crayons
    • HEADPHONES or EARBUDS to use with their iPad. 

Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to monitor student assignments, work, grades, and progress in CANVAS. 

Parents are encouraged to create their own observer account in Canvas to allow you to monitor your student's progress in all classes. 

All science assignments are posted in CANVAS!  Please refer to the directions in Canvas before you begin working, while you are working, and before you turn an assignment in to be graded. 

Please check the CANVAS GRADE BOOK often 
(a grade of -0- indicates that the assignment was NOT turned in at all).

Turning in work that is LATE: 
Please remember that students are only allowed to turn in 5 late assignments.
- Assignments may not be turned in more than two weeks late.
Late work will not be accepted during the last two weeks of a grading period. 

Retake Policy:  Students are encouraged to retake quizzes and tests as needed. Retakes must occur within one week after the original assessment date.  Students must schedule a time with the teacher to come in for retakes.  

The open access CANVAS GRADE BOOK along with the retake policy creates a huge opportunity for success that many students unfortunately fail to take advantage of.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments.  Thank you. 

Yours in education,
Susanne C. Montgomery, M.Ed.

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"Man explores the world around him
and calls the adventure SCIENCE" 

- Edwin Powell Hubble