Button Bit Vs. PDC: Which One Is Better?

Button Drill Bit widely uses button bits in the oilfield; water well, HDD, and geothermal fields. Compared to PDC drill bits, button bit have many benefits.

Button Bit

Similarly the fact that they are less expensive and can drill through gravel, dolomite, and extremely hard. Abrasive limestone gives them the ability to withstand greater impact, among other benefits.

However the revolving cones of button bits and roller cones have tungsten carbide inlays. The most popular bits are tricone, or manufacturers still produce three cone bits, but two cone and one cone bits.

Button Bit

Benefits Of PDC Over Button Bit

Less Impact Damage – Impact is less harmful to the cutting structure.
Better in Hard Rock Formations – A button bit’s fracturing action is superior in non-homogeneous rock formations.
Greater Bit Manipulate – A button bit is simpler to control in directional drilling operations, resulting in lesser torque, more flexibility on WOB, and a steadier tool face.

Button Bit

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