Understand the Use of a Tapered Drill Bit

A Tapered Drill Bit is design to make it easier for the user to bore circular holes in wood and other substances use for construction. These drill bits are very different from the conventional drill bits that are uniform in their diameter. Unlike the convention drill bits, the tapered drill bits have a diameter that gets smaller progressively from top to tip. The tapered drill bits are specifically design for drilling perfect pilot holes in different materials. These holes are made to insert bolts, screws and other forms of hardware. Majority of the tapered drill bit manufacturers use high-quality, durable steel for making the drill bits. The objective of using tapered drill bits for pre-drilling pilot holes in wood screws is to drill to the right depth so as to ensure that the best holding power is grant to the wood screw.

This is very important especially when the attached joints need to support heavy pressure or weight like when attaching planks for forming the hull of a boat. Less critical use of wood screws with holes made using tapered drill bits would be attaching a wood floor in building cabinets and homes. It is important to note that the diameter of the drill used for pre-drilling for threaded part of the wood screw needs to be of the same size as the root screw diameter.

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