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APEH Classes please have The Prince and summer assignment prepared - see APEH webpage.

CIVICS Class please have the summer read completed and be prepared to discuss in class.

WORLD HISTORY HONORS Classes please have summer read Invictus read and be prepared to discuss in class.

"What I strive for in my classes is to get my students to read, write, and think. If you master those skills, then no matter how much technology changes you will be able to adapt. If you can read a text closely and critically, then you will be able to master new materials and be able to judge the useful from the worthless. We certainly did not just spoon feed you information but asked you to read material and come to class to discuss it, enlightening your instructor and fellow students with your own insights. You realized that what was once a world of black and white suddenly became gray. You found that the most concrete pronouncement is always followed by a “yes, but.” You confronted the fact that authors have very different interpretations and compelling arguments to support them. That rather arcane debate actually prepares you for the “real world” in which you are required to weigh widely contrary positions, deciding the best course of action in your work and for whom to cast your vote in local and national elections. No technical education will provide you with the skill of analytical reading in the same way that you acquired it here.

Finally you have learned how to think. You have been encouraged to think critically about what others argue and what you yourself believe. But in the end you have come away with much stronger foundations for your views, not only the ones you brought with you but also the ones you have come to accept after discarding the old. And you have developed the skill of challenging the positions of others without normally getting into fisticuffs. "

Retiring Professor of History Barry Levis addressed graduates of the Hamilton Holt School during the 2013 commencement ceremony.


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