How to block twitch ads 2023


As the popularity of the Twitch live-streaming platform continues to grow, so does the presence of advertisements. While ads are an important means of revenue for content creators, they can often disrupt the viewing experience for viewers. However, with the right tools and knowledge, it is possible to twitch ad block in 2023.

5 Easy Method to twitch ad block in 2023

Here are some effective methods to consider:

Method 1: Ad Blocker Extensions

One of the most common ways to block Twitch ads is by using ad blocker extensions on your preferred web browser. Popular examples of these are uBlock Origin and AdBlock Plus. By installing an ad blocker extension, the user can automatically detect and block advertisements on websites, including Twitch. It is essential to note that some ad blocker extensions undermine your online privacy, indicating the importance of selecting a reputable one.

Method 2: Twitch Prime Subscription

Another method of blocking Twitch ads is by subscribing to Twitch Prime. Twitch Prime is a premium subscription service offered by Amazon as part of Amazon Prime. By linking a Twitch account to an Amazon Prime account, users can enjoy a seamless and ad-free experience of watching live streams without distractions from ads. It is an alternative worth considering for frequent Twitch viewers who are already subscribed to Amazon Prime.

Method 3: Third-Party Plugins

For users who want additional functionality with ad blocking capabilities, it is worth considering third-party plugins such as Twitch AdBlock or Alternate Player for Twitch. These plugins are specifically designed to block Twitch ads and provide additional features like customization options and improved video quality. However, it is crucial to download plugins from trustworthy sources to ensure they are not harmful to your device or online privacy.

Method 4: Network-Wide Ad Blocking with Pi-hole

For users looking to block Twitch ads and advertisements on other sites across all devices on their home network, a network-wide ad-blocking tool like Pi-hole is a viable solution. By installing Pi-hole on a Raspberry Pi computer or similar device and configuring it as your DNS server, you can block advertisements and trackers network-wide anytime.

Method 5: Alternate Streaming Platforms

Lastly, an option worth considering is exploring alternate streaming platforms like DLive, Trovo, or YouTube Gaming. These platforms offer similar live-streaming content but with less intrusive ads and a different user experience. While Twitch is undoubtedly the most popular streaming platform, exploring alternative platforms could provide users with the opportunity to enjoy ad-free live streaming in 2023.


Twitch ad blocker have become part and parcel of the streaming experience on the platform. However, with ad blocker extensions, Twitch Prime subscriptions, third-party plugins, network-wide ad blocking with Pi-hole, or exploring alternate streaming platforms, users can block Twitch ads in 2023. Whether you prefer any of these methods, the priority should always be online privacy and data protection. Choose a reliable solution, practise safe browsing practices, and get ready to enjoy uninterrupted Twitch live streaming.