Class K-012's Homework


Class K-012 News

November 15-19, 2010

Mrs. Pierz

What’s Happening This Week

  • Our Read Well letter of the week is Z. We will work on identifying the letter and the sound /z/ as in zebra.
  • Mathematics: We will be counting and counting money.
  • Social Studies: We will be talking about needs and wants.
  • Science: We will be talking about physical properties (e.g. size and shape) of objects.









100 Book Challenge

Read with your child for 15 minutes each night. Have a grown-up sign one line on your log.

Focus: I can tell someone what my book was about. Students should be able to finish the sentence My book was about… (Be sure your child is pointing to each word as he reads).

Sight Words

was, eat, some, out, us

Trace the word. Write it two more


Complete Circle & Spell.

Complete Word Search.


Complete Word Unscramble.

Complete Missing Letters.

Phonics/ Word Work

Color the large Zz and zebra. Trace the letters.

Complete Initial Sounds: Zz.

Circle each picture that begins with Zz.

Find and color all of the pictures that begin with the Z sound.

Complete “What begins with Z?” worksheet.



In your notebook, draw a picture of something you want and something that you need. Label your pictures.


Complete writing worksheet “At the Zoo”.



Complete How Many at the Zoo? worksheet.

Complete Penny.

Math Steps pages 221 and 222.

Complete Nickel.

Math Steps pages 223 and 224.

Complete Penny.

Math Steps pages 224 and 225.

Complete Connect the Dots worksheet


  • Remind your child NOT to take off his/her jacket at recess time. (That’s how they get lost.)
  • If you did not come to Parent/Teacher Conferences, see me for your child’s report card.

Important Dates

November 25 and 26       No School – Thanksgiving

November 30                    Trip to Miracle on 34th Street Puppet Show at Macy’s-cost $3.00