classroom policies




* Organization is vital for student success at the middle school level. Therefore, students must have their planners with them everyday.  Students are expected to copy into their planners the student responsibility for the day, such as, homework, test dates, or project instructions.    

 * Periodically I will check to ensure students have followed directions by filling out their planners.  Students, who have  their planners filled out correctly when checked will earn a postivie tally mark.  

Homework Policy:    

 * Students are expected to copy from the board any homework or other responsibilities for the following class day into their planners.    

 *To  receive full credit, students must have their completed work in class when it is due.      

 *Points will be docked for late asstignments.      


 * When students are absent, it is their responsibility to turn in any work which was due during their absence and copy missed assignments from a classmate's planner.    

*  Students will not be asked for missing work; it is their responsibility to turn in missing work.