Class Rules and Consequences

 Class Rules and Consequences 

I feel it is very important to instill the use of good manners and making wise choices in my students.  Our Classroom Rules and Guidelines were developed collaboratively by the teacher and the students and are always visible to the students in our classroom.  These rules and good manners are continually taught and reviewed throughout the year.  I also make it a priority to teach my students about conflict resouluntion and how to be a good communicator.  One of the things I discuss with them is how to express what made them upset at and how it makes them feel; and I teach my students how to be good, receptive listeners and really listen and hear what their peers are saying.  Here are the rules that we have developed for the 2010/2011 school year:

1.  Raise your hands.

2.  Listen (the first time).

3.  Share.

4.  Clean up after yourself.

5.  Take turns.

6.  Help others.

7.  Keep your hands to yourself.

8.  Say "please" and "thank you".

9.  Eat politely. 

10.  Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.  

***GOLDEN RULE:  Treat others the way you want to be treated. ***


Behavior is key in creating an effective learning environment.  If behavior gets out of control, learning will not be possible.  We use a 5-card system in our classroom.  Children are able to flip their cards back and forth depending on their behavior and the choices they make. If they make bad decisions during the begining of the day, they will have to flip their card, however they may be able to flip their card back if they redeem themselves by making good choices and can end the day on a good note.  If students end the day on the "Gold card" (Everyone will start on gold) they will be a Shining Student and receive a start sticker to put on their chart and be sprinkled with "Star Dust."  Once a student has 10 gold stars on their chart, they can choose a prize from the "Star Box."  Once a child has 50 Gold Stars he/she will be invited to a pizza party luncheon.   Our Card System is as follows:

Gold Card- Everyone starts as a Shining Student

Blue Card- Warning (Cool Off)

Green Card- Loose 5 minutes of recess

Purple Card- Loose 10 minutes of recess or fun activity

Red Card- Call Home and loose recess privilege

*If a child is completely out of control or extremely disruptive, they will skip pulling a card and be sent straight to the office.