ESCAPE! The Story Of The Great Houdini

This is the story of the great magician,Harry Houdini.

Harry Houdini was born March 24,1874. He claimed that he was born in Appleton,Wisconson, but he was not.

Nobody know where he was really born. All people really knows is how his carear took flight.

(Young Ehrich Weiss in Appleton before he became Houdini)


                               Harry Houdini! King of handcuffs!

    Houdini's tittle as "King of Handcuffs" didn't appear out of nowhere.

He earned it because he could escape out of any type of handcuffs, locks, cages and many other things.

These were the things that he did best. No jail cells or anything could hold the great Houdini!

Houdini doing what he does best! He is escaping handcuffs and locks!



                                                                                                                                      The Escape!

Harry Houdini's carear was good, but he wanted to do something spectacular.

You would say that he already did things that were beyond spectacular.

Houdini walked through walls, made a 2-ton elephant disappear then reappear and escaped straightjackets while being held high in the air by a crane upside-down.

To him, that was all child's play.

He was going to be put upside-down in a tank full of water with all kinds of different lockson the lid of the tank.

Would he make it? Or would he drown while performing for this dangerous act?

For those of you who thought he wouldn't make it, you were wrong.

He managed to pull off the stunt! What could this man not do!


Houdini emerging from the tank of wwater successfully.


Years later, Houdini was supposed to have a show but he died. He gave a young boxer a chance to punch him in the stomach and see if he could take it. The boxer didn't punch him not 1, not 2, but 4 times. Houdini was put in the hospital weeks later. Months after that, he died. His liver collapsed. His exact death date was the Halloween of 1926.