Recommended Apps 


These are just a few of the apps and websites I recommend.

Let me know if you need any suggestions specific to your child's needs.

Also, I'm always looking for new ideas, so please feel free to share.


Epic- Library of more than 10,000 books for children. This website/app features popular titles, read-to-me, and a reading log so students can track their reading progress. Students also personalize their account with an avatar. Most of these books can be saved for offline use.

FarfariaStorybooks- Amazing library of thousands of picture books with new books added every week. This website/app has a wonderful read-to-me feature with word highlighting to help young readers!

Sound Sorting- With this app, students match words that share the same beginning sounds.

Word Wizard- With this app, students apply their knowledge of letter sounds to identify and spell words. Great for spelling sight words. You can also create lists based on the students weekly spelling and high frequency words.

Hairy Phonics 1- This app teaches students consonant digraphs which are two letters that make one sound. Students practice using these digraphs with fun, interactive activities.

Phonics Genius- Fully customizable phonics and word recognition app with over 6,000 words, grouped into 225 categories and sorted by phonics. Flashcards can also be created to practice specific words.

Sight Word Ninja- Children love this app. As sight words are displayed, students select the correct one as it appers. You can select the grade level and level of difficulty.

iTrace-  Handwriting app that teaches proper formation of: upper-case letters, lower-case letters, numbers, student’s name, and words.

TracingLetters- This app demonstrates the proper formation of forming letters. Students trace the letters in any color.

Art of Glow- Free-form, customizable app that allows students to simply write words with colorful animation.

Kid Doodle- Another free-form, customizable app that allows students to simply write words with colorful animation.

Math Add- It's a free app for addition flashcards!. I love it!

Animal Math- Students use their math skills to smash blocks and rescue critters trapped in 5 unique worlds. They'll get coins for answering math questions correctly.

Undersea Math- This app has addition facts that need to be solved before time runs out to reveal a surprise picture. Solve all levels on the treasure map to find the treasure chest.

Dino School- Great app for addition and subtraction skills. The free version is recommended for first graders.

TouchMathAdventures: Jungle Addition- This app uses multisensory math to solve addition problems (sums to 18). Upgrading to the paid version of the app exercises additional skills using TouchMath.

TouchMathAdventures: Touching / Counting- This app uses multisensory math to teach counting, patterns, and numeral identification.

Friends of Ten- This app strengthens students understanding of numbers to ten using a ten frame. It reinforces students understanding of the combinations of numbers that make ten. These skills prepare students for mental + and -.

Splash Math- This app covers many math concepts / skills (addition, subtraction, geometry, time, etc.) for a desired grade level. The free version gives a sampling of the content and user experience. The full version is available through in-app purchase.

AddimalAdventure- This app uses multiple strategies to teach and practice single-term addition. The strategies used in this app are used in first and second grade classrooms.

Make Ten Plus- This app practices the skill of making ten. The settings can be changed to make the activities more or less challenging –making 100, making 60, etc.