Mathmagicians Lessons

Here is a brief description of the study skills we will be practicing during our math group. We will have 4th and 5th grade math skills included in these lessons that are specifically aligned to standards covered on the CRCT. Please check back for updates and amendments to the schedule.


Small Group            #1                                    Topic “Getting to know you”

Competencies: PS:A1.2, PS:A1.5

Objectives:_Students will introduce themselves, and learn about each other using Ice-Breaker activities. As a group, we will develop a list of group rules and expectations. Students will complete a self-efficacy survey.


 Small Group            #2                                    Topic “Don’t fight about it, write about it”

 Competencies: A:A2.4, A:A3.5, A:B1.3, A:B1.5, A:B2.1

Objectives: Group members will practice grouping information into categories to make it easier to understand. Students will learn to express questions, concerns, and feelings about math through writing in a journal.


Small Group            #3                                    Topic “Timing is everything”

 Competencies: A:A2.1, A:B2.5

Objectives:  Students will learn how time management can help them do better in math. Students will practice using time-saving strategies with multiplication facts.


Small Group            #4                                    Topic “Block it out”

 Competencies: A:A2.4, A:A2.2, A:B1.6, PS:B1.4,

Objectives:  Students will learn strategies to help them study more effectively, and with fewer distractions.



Small Group            #5                                    Topic “Flashy Flashcards”

 Competencies: A:A1.2,

Objectives:  Students will learn how to organize information on flashcards, and different ways to study with them.

 Small Group            #6                                    Topic “Testing Testing 1,2,3”

Competencies: A:B1.2 , A:B1.5, A:A1.4


Small Group            #7                                    Topic “Reviews you can use”

Competencies: C.C2.3, A:A1.3, A:A3.5, A:A2.3

Objectives:  Students will review all of the skills and strategies learned during group. Students will practice and become more comfortable using the skills. 


Small Group            #8                                    Topic “Graduation”

Competencies: A:A1.2, A:A3.4, A:B1.1, PS:A1.10,

Objectives:  Students will feel positive about the progress they have made during group. Students will learn how to ask for additional help when they need it.