Who am I and why am I doing this?

My name is Christina Bender and I am a counseling intern at Alpharetta Elementary School. I am working on my Master's degree in school counseling from Georgia State University. Ms. Amanda Fischer is my counselor supervisor at AES, and will be monitoring and assisting with the math group.

As part of my graduate school requirements, I am to implement a targeted intervention for students that will help them become more successful students. After reviewing test scores from last year, I've decided to focus on 5th grade math skills. This is a crucial year for these skills, because students not performing well enough on the CRCT may be detained from moving on to 6th grade.

To help this group of students learn and practice necessary concepts, I have developed a research-based small group intervention designed to increase performance on the Math portion of the CRCT.  After reviewing recent literature on learning and math performance, I've decided to use a combination of strategies in my approach.  Here are some of the main points: 


  • Each week, students will learn one study skill (adapted from Brigman's Student Success Skills)
  • That skill will be applied to specific math standards expected to appear on the CRCT
  • Small group format will increase participation, which correlates with math self-efficacy. (Meaning that when students feel comfortable participating in a small group environment, they are more likely to participate in the larger class).
  • Students' increased participation in their regular math classes should have a positive effect on their learning, grades and general performance across subject areas.  

 Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns regarding your student or the group.

Thank you , 

Christina Bender