If a student is absent, even just for a brief period of the day, ANY missed work should be made up.

Often the work will be written down on the assignment board at the back of the classroom, and papers will be placed on the student's desk.  However, if it is not, it is the student's responsibility to make sure he/she has all of the assignments upon return to the classroom.

Any students should check in with me and a (trustworthy) classmate if your child has any questions regarding an assignment.

If a student is absent due to an excused absence (sickness, etc.), he/she may take one day after returning for each day he/she was absent to turn in homework.  Example:  If a students misses two days due to sickness, the work will be due on the third day of school after he/she has returned.

All homework from unexcused absences (vacations, etc.) must be turned in immediately upon return.  To avoid lowered grades, parents/guardians must notify the teacher(s) of planned absences at least a week in advance.
*If your child needs more time to complete an assignment, please remind your child to notify me as possible so we can make a smooth transition back to the classroom for your child.  Remind your child that  Communication with the teacher is important!

Parents/Guardians:  If your child is going to have to leave school early for any reason, please send an email in advance or a note to school for the child to give me in the morning.  If I am not notified early in the day, I will not be able to prepare any work or notes to give your child before he/she leaves and any work NOT turned in on time will be counted as late.

If students miss a test or quiz due to a planned absence without having notified the teacher in advance, depending upon teacher discretion, he/she will NOT be allowed to take the assessment upon his/her return, which may result in a zero.  Please note that this rule does NOT apply to unexpected departures due to illness or unforeseen conditions.